Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life in Florence

I lived in Florence for the summer of 2011 from May 15-July 24.  

My first class and I on a field trip to the physical therapy rehabilitation & training site of the national soccer players (SO COOL). That's me on the far right.

Soccer in Europe--check. Everyone else we played with is behind the person taking the picture. We played 4 on 4. Our coach/professor was an ex-semipro soccer player!

The 2006 World Cup! Yep, this is the real one in a soccer museum in Florence.

Photo of the view of the Duomo as seen from the Michaelangelo plaza--where you can view the entire city of Florence. As you can see, the Duomo absolutely towers over everything. 

The following photos are from the school buildings:
 My first classroom.

Yep, this is a classroom!

One of the couch lecture halls!

 This photo was taken from the dome of the Duomo!

 Looking down through the grates of the bell tower.

My favorite dinner to make with ingredients from the market!
The gladiator sandals I bought and wore to the ground from all my exploring!

On the steps of the Duomo. 

Hanging out in the Rose Gardens.

Inside the Duomo.

Last night in Florence for most of our friends :( Bittersweet.

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